Here is a set of resources for digging further into Twitter in education. Please email me with suggestions and I’ll get them posted here.

Dr. Bonnie Stewart’s talk, “Academic Twitter: The Intersection of Orality & Literacy in Scholarship?” at the London School of Economics on January 20, 2016.

Alison Seaman’s article on “Personal Learning Networks: Knowledge Sharing as Democracy“.

University of Oklahoma “Twitter Bootcamp” repository for teaching with twitter.

Dr. Jesse Stommel’s “The Twitter Essay” from the Hybrid Pedagogy journal.

You might consider enrolling in a thorough course on the topic, “Teaching with Twitter” from the Digital Pedagogy Lab.

Dr. Stephen Barnard’s “Tips for teaching with Twitter“.

Pamela DeLoatch’s “How to Use Twitter for Teaching and Learning“.

┬áLaura Gogia and Simon Warren’s reflections on teaching with Twitter in “A Careful Approach to Digital Scholarship“.

Laura Gogia’s “Maximizing your learning on Twitter” and “Quick guide to Twitter“.